When your logistics could use a reliable and innovating manager... You can compare logistics with a difficult script. Companies therefore decide to stay on the beaten track without regularly investigating whether the script needs polishing up. We would like to see this changed. The staff of Husa Transportation directs your logistics with a passion for the logistics profession, while keeping a keen eye on market developments, sustainability requirements and supply chain optimization. We subsequently use intermodal modes in an integrated way. You, as the producer, decide how you want the film to be. We manage your film from A to Z!

Intermodal Solutions

"Years of experience and passion"



Warehouse Solutions

"Rail, barge, truck, projectloading and storage"

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Forwarding Solutions

"With a solid network your cargo is transported to it's destination"



Supply Chain Solutions

"With knowlegde and ambition the Husa team critizises and advises my supply chain" 



Trimodale Terminal Solutions

"Rail, barge, truck, projectloading and storage. This is where it happens"



Transport Solutions

"Perfect connections from-to the terminals" 



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